Prepare for Pregnancy 

I remember these early days! Trying to get pregnant consumed me, and the weight of this struggle brought me down. I want to share with you that it doesn't have to feel that way.

Preparing your body for pregnancy is one of the most loving things you can do. Taking this time to listen and connect with your body will create a tremendous love and strength to model for your child. 

What a beauitful legacy of love to create!

And it starts with learning the foundations. 
I'm so happy you are here! 

We'll go deep into your experience and uncovered buried emotions and stressors. I will teach your simple and effective regulation tools that you can use at any time to bring yourself into balance. 

This is a beautiful time for you to listen and connect to the love you are. This will prepare you for pregnancy and a lifetime of mothering.

Motherhood can present with many obstacles and blessings, and now you will have the tools to be present through it all!

I personally have found energy work soothing as it has allowed me to feel into my experience and connect more intimately with my babies.

Incorporating these techniques into your day to day will create a strong foundation to support you through pregnancy, delivery and post partum.  

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My mission is to empower,
& connect
you to your body, your being,
and your baby during this beautiful time!

& SOul


I had no idea I was holding onto emotions from when I was little. Thea was able to identify a time in my childhood where I wasn't able the feel the anger.
Using these steps, I was able to process that anger and reach a new level of compassion for myself. 

I had worked with 3 different fertility clinics, and using Thea's suggestions I got pregnant again after miscarriages. 

I was able to be more present and enjoy the experience. Thankyou Thea for sharing the energy and being there for me!



This work blew me away. I had no idea all the emotions I was unable to feel.

This process has taught me so much and showed me that its safe to feel my feelings. I can now use this process as challenging emotions come up.

I was told pregnancy would be a struggle, and after a miscarriage I found Thea as I was looking for help. I'm now enjoy the snuggles of my daughter with a new appreciation for life. 
I'm grateful to have met Thea and work with her, thankyou!"


Hi, I'm Thea!

Its nice to meet you and I'm glad you're here!

I was feeling hopeless,
in a depression & silent grief from miscarriages.

At that time, I was working as an ultrasound technologist at an OB/GYN & fertility clinic. I saw daily what these patients went through; I was involved in their treatments. After my blood work showed low progesterone it was suggested to seek fertility treatment.  When faced with becoming a patient myself, I knew there had to be a better way. 

Through a series of synchronicities,

 I changed my diet, mindset, and perspective. I learned about the power of my breath, and how stress impacts our hormones. Through meditation I learned the importance of intentions, expressing emotions and how energy is the foundation for life. Within the first month of making a lifestyle shift I became pregnant with our second! And then after deep diving into stored emotions and programmed beliefs,
I became pregnant with our third.

Through these changes I experienced low-risk pregnancies, quick natural homebirths, and sleeping babies.

This healing journey led me to where I am now: proud momma to 3 beautiful kiddos! I now feel a deep connection to not only my kiddos, but myself. This journey taught me how to truly love myself, all aspects, and now I can model this love for my kids. Each day can present challenges, and now I have the tools to choose how I wish to respond. 


"When I began working with Thea, I could feel my body relax. I had symptoms and fears that went away.

I connected to my body and became pregnant after a miscarriage. This has helped me into my pregnancy, and I now feel like my fear of labor has been eased too.

 Oh my goodness Thea it was all so wonderful. I feel supported and empowered. And I love feeling the baby move!
Thankyou Thea!



"Getting pregnant was a struggle, and then I was referred to Thea through a friend. I learned so much- and these were simple strategies I could add to my day.

This was my first pregnancy and these sessions with Thea have also prepared me for labor. 

 A big shift for me was a new connection to my breath, one that I've wanted for so many years of my life and couldn't quite get to. Thankyou for the deep healing this has offered. 


Preparing for Pregnancy should be a magical time

Let me show you how! 

What's all included?

This is not a one-size-fits all approach. You will learn a variety of aspects that contribute to fertility! 
Through our 1:1 sessions we create a personalized approach!

1:1 sessions

Together we'll discover the root emotions and beliefs


Personalized guided Energy Meditations with affirmations

Period guide

Understanding hormones & discover patterns in your cycle

Breathing techniques

3 Breath Guide & when to use them

Chakra Guide

Understand your energetic body 

Gratitude Practice

Tap into the vibration of gratitude

Emotions and Trauma

explore and learn this foundational relationship

Moving emotions

simple exercises to move through & express emotions

access to Bloom

Join a supportive community and group energy sessions

This invitation to connection is waiting for you!

Lets do this

join our tribe

lets stay connected!


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